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21st Century Drummer

Ambassadors ​

Our 21st Century Drummer Ambassadors are outstanding Drummers & Percussionists from around the globe that have chosen to use their talents, skills, time, and effort to make a positive impact on the world. These artists exemplify HEALTH, DRUMMING, SUCCESS and so much more!


Check Them Out!!!


Dr. Pamela Seraphine
Micheal Lear
Tom Leigh Knight
Norbert Gronde
Jim Anderson
Nina Para
Jim Mola
Siros Vaziri
Farbod Yadollahi
Dr. Bob Weathers
Mina Saeiidi
Brandon Khoo
Sukkanya Ramgopal
Antwan 'Amadeus' Thompson
Francesco 'Nitro' Sguera
Dom Famularo
(Drum Royalty)
Danny Seraphine
(Drum Royalty)
Sidiki Dembele
Dan Shinder
PJ Hirabayashi
Jeroen Vrolijk
Raul Vargas
Dr. Bill Bruford
(Drum Royalty)
Anthony Anderson

Become a 21st Century Drummer Ambassador!

We’re always looking for drummers/percussionist from across the world to represent us and our mission. 


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