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Strong evidence suggests musical training & meditation are associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline, possibly due to an increase in cognitive reserve. This is attributed to direct mechanisms through which mental and social stimulation strengthens neuronal wiring while increasing grey matter.



NeuroDrumming isn’t a cure.

It’s an effective solution to a growing problem.

We’re here to make a difference.

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NeuroDrumming is an revolutionary brain fitness program that incorporates musical training, stress management, social engagement,

and cognitive training as method to enhance brain performance and quality of life for older adults.


Based on the latest research in sports psychology, neuroscience and the mind-body connection NeuroDrumming (aka:Yoga For The Brain) was designed explicitly as multi-sensory brain fitness training to benefit the lives of anyone concerned about brain aging, memory loss, and enhanced mental performance.


Our vision and mission at NeuroDrumming is to provide musical brain training solutions to those that aren’t satisfied with the limitations of computer game-based brain training modalities. Our programs offer exciting personalized group and private sessions, as well as online supplemental support resources to maximize their effectiveness.


Drumming isn’t just a game. It’s a lifestyle.

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Our NeuroDrumming program is intended to assist people concerned about brain aging and memory loss, and to help our students maximize the health benefits of meditation and musical training. The  methods described on this website should not be used as an alternative to professional medical diagnosis or treatment. The author and publisher are not responsible in any matter for an injury or negative effects that may occur through following the instructions of advice contained herein.

It is recommended that before beginning any treatment or exercise program, you consult your medical professional to determine whether you should undertake this course of practice.

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