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Jim Anderson


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Occupation: Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist | Drummer | Author | 21CD Contributor 


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1. What Drew You Towards The Art of Drumming?


My Dad died when I was 4 days old. My first 10 years of life were filled with a lot of pain, anxiety, and depression. My mom told me that at age two, I would sit in the corner spinning records for hours. In my elementary years, I had all the Beatles Albums and would play to them on model boxes with pencils. As a composer, writing music has always been my path to open up creativity and gain access into a much more

desirable world; a world based in rhythm and groove! Music has the power to change lives -

Drumming is the icing on the cake!


2. What Three Traits Define You?


For years my slogan has always been It’s got to be fun! Unfortunately, life is not always fun - but we always get the choice to choose how we see it. This is what I call your personal frame of reference. What drives subjective perception? I would have to say Insight and Awareness - so they are my other go-to traits. If I could add one more concept, I have always said, It has to be helpful, and it has to be useful!


3. How Do You Define Success?


It’s up to each of us to design our own lives! When we each align to our own unique vision, life begins to expand. What will your next creative vision be about? That’s the beauty in life - you get to decide! For me, success is all about giving. As a Therapist, I feel the absolute best when I am helping others feel better in life! We all want to feel great. This is where the experience of drumming and therapy merge to give people an

instant state change! This creative space is also where I have the most power as a helping

professional to access the unconscious mind and help people (and especially kids) change the

quality of their lives.


4. How Does Health Play A Role In Your Success? 

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, my goal has always been to strive for the highest level of mental health. Rhythm, meditation, healthy nutrition, plenty of sleep and a drug-free life are my go-to skills to keep myself sane in today’s world. As a professional drummer, you have to be in great shape to play 45 minutes sets of KROQ music all night! Drumming and Therapy have played a vital part in both my physical and mental health.


5. What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?


I have a past history in the musical instrument business as the inventor and founder of Factory Metal Percussion. However, the thing that intrigues me even more than creating instruments - is the profound effect that utilizing music, drumming and songwriting has had on my clients. Now, I am working to put together a new program called RhythmShifting - that takes the best of music and drumming and combines them with therapy, meditation, trance, and personal development. I think the future is wide open for drumming to continue to help anxious, depressed, angry people connect a new groove thru rhythm and music!


6. If You Had One Message To Give To Others, What Would It Be? 


I would have to say if you are struggling with negative thinking or feeling depressed - there is more out there! For me, drumming has been instrumental in my own mental health. Rhythm is my drug of choice! Music is vibrational in nature - just like we are physiologically at the quantum level. Move-in the music and release the rest of the noise. Find space and comfort! Think economy of motion and release that which is no longer serving you! Sit down, turn off your mind and remember to play your drums mindlessly for at least 20 minutes a day. You’ll be glad you did!

Check out Jim's article

"A Rhythmic Awakening" in vol.2, p. 50.  

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AA Music Education: Fullerton College

BS Human Services: Cal State University

Fullerton MS Counseling: Cal State University 


LMFT:  BBSE 2000 / MFT #36690 



I have always had a love and motivation for learning. For me this started with my love for music, studying drums in elementary, middle school and high school.  In the early 80’s I taught professional drum lessons to hundreds of private students at Fullerton Music in Orange County CA.  

At the age of 23, I toured Japan playing drums with members of Robert Palmer's Band.  At 26, I toured all of Western Europe as a professional drummer living in the Netherlands for two years, performing with Candy Dulfer and Jan Ackerman.  Upon returning to the states I married, started a family and returned back to college in the field of psychology and counseling.    

I attended California State University Fullerton, earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services in 1993 and my Master’s Degree in Counseling in 1996, graduating with honors.  My Thesis, 

“The Psychophysiological Implications of Rhythm in Human Behavior” ties together my love for music, rhythm, and psychology.  I continue to pay bass, keyboards, and drums, utilizing songwriting and the creative arts in my private practice to this day.  

I have written funded grants at the city, state and federal levels, provided clinical and music based services in group homes, residential treatment centers and psychiatric hospitals, and been a family therapist in private practice for over 25 years.  I offer a specialized service that has been developed over many years, helping kids, teens, and families connect thru creativity and find a common path back to love and healing. 


I enjoy performing, songwriting, and as the past founder of Factory Metal Percussion - I have patented, marketed and sold drum products internationally worldwide.  I have been married to my wife Kristen for 30 years and still love to go riding motocross with my son Matt when he is available!    


Jim Anderson, MFT

Phone: (951) 234-9290



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