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Norbert Gronde 


Norbert Gronde.jpg

Occupation: Drummer, Drum-Educator


Instagram: @ NorbertGrondeDrumteacher

Facebook: @ Norbert Gronde Drumteacher


1. What drew you towards the Art of Drumming?


When I got my first drumset at the age of 15, it immediately felt like it was my destiny. Since I, unfortunately, come from a very problematic home, playing the drums was the only card I could bet on at some point. So I went "all in" and it paid off. It wasn't just that I chose the drums, somehow the drums chose me, too.


2. What three traits define you?


Honesty, Perseverance and a truly unbreakable Will


3. How do you define success?


Success is often a thing you run after, but in reality, it is never in front of you, but you find success behind you, always built on solid ground, a strong foundation, built on perseverance, hard work and an idealistic belief in the cause.


4. How does health play a role in your success?


I never lived really healthy, but never really unhealthy, I think it was a good balance and my body did everything my mind demanded of it, I think both were in harmony for a very long time before I became aware of it.


5. What do you want to be remembered for?


That I never gave up and that I was once a spark that became a gigantic comet that lit others... maybe something like that.


6. If you had one message to give to others, what would it be?


Be honest with yourself, never give up no matter what.

Don't listen to the nay-sayers.

And for the bluesy days always have two beers in the fridge and the phone number of a good friend ready.

Never give up... never, you hear?

Stickings in groups of 3 to ten D Addari
Double Bass Basics D Addario Collective.
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