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Dr. Pamela Seraphine, PsyD.CCTP-II, R.C.C.


Dr. Pamela Seraphine is a Clinical Neuropsychotherapist, Behavioral Scientist, Trauma Recovery Expert & Musician with an uncanny ability to fuse seemingly unrelated topics into a cohesive, inspirational whole. With over twenty years of working in the helping profession, Dr. Seraphine has established herself as a sought-after trainer & speaker on applied neuroscience for PTSD & trauma treatment, mindset mastery, & optimizing performance. 


She has advanced training and experience in the neurobiology of trauma, applied neuroscience, somatic psychology, peak performance, post-traumatic growth and is an established educator, speaker, and published author. Her primary interests include Clinical & Forensic Neuropsychology, men’s mental health & brain-based coaching for high performance professionals. As a mental health consultant and speaker Dr. Seraphine advises on brain-based trauma-informed care within the criminal justice system and beyond. 

Additionally, Dr. Seraphine is also a EDM recording artist, drummer (world percussionist), and the developer of Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy. Her research merges the brain-mind-body relationship of neural integration with the neurobiological underpinnings of drumming to understand its dynamics and improve holistic and integrative interventions in treating trauma and stress-related issues. She can also inspire musicians and non-musicians around the globe towards success and a healthy brain lifestyle as the founder of 21st Century Drummer Academy & Magazine.

You can find out more about Pamela's private Clinical Counseling, Coaching & Consulting  practice at

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  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology w/Behavioral Neuroscience (Magna cum laude) at California Southern University (APA Accredited)

  • Master of Science in Psychology w/Sports Performance Psychology (Magna cum laude)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Magna cum laude) at California Southern University, in Irvine California (APA Accredited)

  • BC Registered Clinical Cousellor (#19608)

  • Cert) Complex Trauma Therapist (C-CTT-II) (Cert) Clinical Telehealth Provider

  • (Cert)Anxiety Treatment Professional, (Cert) Brain Fitness Coach

  • (Cert) Personal Trainer, (Dip) Professional Counseling (Hons)

  • Former board member of the Percussive Arts Society’s Scholarly Research Committee, and Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, 21st Century Drummer Magazine.

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