Pamela Lynn-Seraphine, MS.Psy.

Percussionist | Visionary | Neurohacker

CEO/Publisher, 21st Century Drummer Magazin



Pamela Lynn-Seraphine is a world percussionist, visionary, and neurohacker working with creative entrepreneurs in music, business, healthcare, and the arts. As a brain health advocate & founder of the 21st Century Drummer Magazine, Pamela Lynn-Seraphine works in the areas of performance and productivity enhancement, empowerment, overcoming adversity and helping people achieve greater success by effectively harnessing the power of their brilliant brains. On stage as a solo performance artist, Pamela inspires the audience with science-backed insights mixed with a passionate display of musical mastery. 






Pamela shares her inspiring account about her life as a drummer who, faced with complex mental health conditions and unsurmountable odds, triumphantly returned to become a renowned percussionist, visionary, neurohacker & Global Ambassador for the 21st Century Drumming Community.


Neurohacking Greatness presentation incorporates her P.O.W.E.R Philosophy-

5 brain-based strategies for maximizing success: 









Neurohacking Peak Performance involves mastering elements of pressure, productivity, and personal power. This presentation discusses the brain-body interconnectedness of these core concepts for sustaining high levels of excellence while experiencing greater health, motivation, and maximum empowerment. 




This presentation explores the value of adversity and how to harness personal power to succeed in any endeavor. Five key qualities of Neurohacking Adversity are defined and described. The list includes Courage, Failure, Opportunity, Results & Self-mastery. The program can consist of interactive brain-based exercises designed to clarify and enhance vision, commitment, communication, and personal excellence.





Neurohacking Leadership involves mastering the art of collaboration, communication, and diversification. This interactive musical presentation explores brain-body principles that incorporate effective strategies that are fundamental to quality leadership and personal excellence. It reviews elements of performing under pressure and sustaining a collaborative effort under stress and change. 


Pamela can customized presentations to suit your conference needs. Contact Pamela for more information

Speaking Fee: $5,000-$7,000






Pamela earned a B.A. & M.S. in Psychology (Magna cum laude) with a concentration in Performance Psychology and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis on Neuropsychology, at California Southern University. She is a Certified Complex Trauma Professional; (Cert) Brain Fitness Coach; (Cert) Personal Trainer, (Dip) Professional Counseling;  active board member of the Percussive Arts Society’s Scholarly Research Committee, and Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, 21st Century Drummer Magazine.


Two decades of experience in world drumming and her academic studies in psychology and neuroscience led her to integrate her teachings with scientific findings into a multi-sensory brain fitness program, NeuroDrumming-Yoga For The Brain & (upcoming) NeuroRhythmic Trauma Therapy. Pamela is a leading expert on Neuroscience & Clinical Application of Drumming for Mental Health & Trauma Recovery. Pamela is the author of The Drummer’s Manifesto: Empowering Your Musical Brain for Optimal Health, and is dedicated to bringing drumming to the forefront of healthcare interventions.


Her professional interests include neuroscience, neurobiology,  neuropsychology, health psychology, sport psychology, psychological skill training, epigenetics, interpersonal neurobiology, psychological trauma, post-traumatic growth, trauma recovery, neuropsychotherapy, cross-cultural psychology, program development, and evaluation, and neuroscience involving the clinical application of drumming. 




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