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Sidiki Dembele

Master Percussionist

Ivory Coast | UK

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Sidiki Dembele

Sidiki Dembele is a world-renowned master Djembefola, multi-instrumentalist, educator, and a beloved mentor

to many. He is an expert on traditional West African music and collaborates widely within jazz and contemporary genres, as well as theatre and numerous dance initiatives. Sidiki is based in Manchester, UK, and has a wealth of experience in teaching, performing, composing, and stage management. He’s the type of performer that leaves you awestruck! Check out his interview in our latest edition --> 21CD Vol 3, 2020


Occupation:   Master Djembefola, Multi-Instrumentalist & 21CD Ambassador 


Facebook: @sidikidembele


Instagram @sidikidembele


Check our exclusive interview with Sidiki Dembele in 21CD, Vol.3, p.

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