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Interested In Writing A Guest Article For  21st Century Drummer Magazine?

Contributors Form

Great! We are always on the lookout for Inspiring Mavericks, Musical Misfits, 

Scientific Researchers, and Brilliant Thought Leaders to join our success team!


Before you send us your masterpiece, we need to make sure we are a good match. Although we don’t accept unsolicited submissions, we DO accept brief pitches. If we like what you’re proposing, we may invite you to contribute. 


We take a lot of pride in delivering valuable action-packed content.


We are looking for next-level insights from experts in their field. With that being said, we still want 21st CDM to be a peer-driven, participatory magazine. In other words, we want your input!


If you have an inspiring story to tell or if you know of a Hidden Hero that deserves to be honored let us know!

If you want to be a contributor, let us know!


Once you are part of our dream team, we’ll promote your articles far and wide. We want YOU to get as much exposure as possible!


Interested in giving it a shot? Read on.



Please note: If your pitch does not adhere to the guidelines below, you will not receive a response.


General Requirements


  • Know Our Audience. 21st CDM is about providing quality, actionable content for novice-to-professional drummers/percussionists, and anything within that ecosystem. Our magazine reaches a global audience and primarily focuses on Health, Drumming, and Success. This includes, (but not limited to) brain health, mental health, philosophy, spirituality, mind-body medicine, peak performance, fitness, nutrition, as well as strategies for personal and professional success.


  • It’s Actionable. Our primary requirement is that your article provides useful and actionable advice to our audience. 


  • It’s High Quality. We have high standards when it comes to our content. You may have to do multiple revisions and edits before we publish it.

  •  Concise. We don’t have word requirements, but we like to keep our articles somewhere between 1000 and 2000 words. We like for our content to be inspiring, educational and concise. 


  •  Do Your Part. We will be promoting your article to our mailing list as well as promote it on our own social media networks. However, make sure that you do your part as well to share your epic article. Let everyone in your networks know about it. Together we can ensure that your contribution becomes a massive success!


  •  Content Rights. If we do not end up publishing your contribution, you are free to use this article anywhere else on the web. We do not own the rights to your piece.




How to Pitch


Tell us your idea. Just the idea, not the finished product. Please include:



1. Two to three suggestions for a headline for your idea.

2. 1-2 sentences summarizing the main idea of the post, not to exceed 100 words.

3. A basic outline of what you intend to write, and what direction you want to take.



– Each piece of published content will include a bio box, link to your site and two social media links of your choice, and free advertising of your product (s). We will work out the details, once you are confirmed.


– If your pitch is accepted, then we’ll ask you to submit a draft. We will work with you to make sure it reaches our standard.


All written content submitted to 21st Century Drummer Magazine is for the exclusive sole use of 21st Century Drummer Magazine.



That’s it! Simple as can be. If you’d to submit your pitch and become part of our team, then please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!


Contributor Form

Are you a publicist filling out for a client?

Please provide your pitch. Follow the instructions in our pitch guidelines above. (400 Words Max)

Do you agree to our Terms and Conditions above?

Thanks for submitting!

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